What ways can you visualize data?

Cloud-based applications give marketing and social media organizations virtually instant access to vast amounts of data, growing at hyper-velocity. But it often doesn’t add up to more value or insight. Unified Dashboards delivers a comprehensive set of dashboard and reporting tools built directly in the Anametrix cloud-based marketing analytics platform.

Here’s how these next-generation, visualization capabilities work. The Anametrix platform connects to and normalizes data from all of your vendors, including web and social media metrics, campaign results, call-center details, CRM data and third-party research, such as financial or market data. Visualization tools in the Anametrix platform add a further layer by creating a window into the vital information you need to perform across all marketing channels, traditional and digital.


Display data across multiple brands, markets, channels and other elements within a single dashboard.
Customize dashboards and reports based on user permissions. Refresh data in reports and dashboards in real time.
Export individual reports and dashboards in varied formats.

Types of Data Visualzation

Anametrix provides a full array of visualization features to view and manipulate data the way you want.

Tables and graphs
Sharing and collaboration
Cell visualizations and highlighting
Dynamic filters
Automatic drill downs
Interactive report elements
Data export

The browser-based user interface forms the core of Anametrix data visualization. Dashboards and reports are fully customizable and accessible from any Internet browser and operating system, including mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.