Anametrix Campaign Analytics

Anametrix for Campaign Managers

Drive Multichannel Marketing Effectiveness

Anametrix for Campaign Managers gives you easy access to advanced campaign analytics and a powerful decision-support framework for evaluating multichannel campaign results. Our solution produces a real-time, holistic view of campaign performance across the entire marketing mix. You can now easily measure the impact of both traditional and digital media buys and company-owned assets like websites and Facebook pages. You gain an understanding of the interrelationships of social metrics like mentions, sentiment and virality.

Anametrix for Campaign Managers enables you to:

  • Evaluate how the entire multichannel marketing mix is performing across campaigns, geographies and devices instantly
  • Optimize marketing campaigns with real-time insights into campaign performance
  • Easily compare campaign metrics including cost per acquisition (CPA), customer retention, virality, customer lifetime value and return on marketing investment (ROMI)
  • Determine the best allocation of resources to optimize ROMI and uncover new revenue opportunities
  • anametrix campaign comparison by state
  • anametrix email channel insight
  • anametrix campaign performance overview
  • anametrix social insights
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