Why automate data collection?

Anametrix can save you and your organization hundreds, even thousands of hours collecting data from all of your sources by automating data collectection for any kind of data from any source. Data falls into one of three classifications, they include:

Streaming Data

The Anametrix platform provides high-performance, Internet-facing data collection gateways that are essentially highly optimized web servers. When possible, this is the preferred data collection mechanism as it eliminates the delay between data creation and reporting availability. Streaming data collection is used by a number of common applications such as web analytics, mobile app tracking, network monitoring, e-commerce and point-of-sale transactions.

  • Third-Party Services – Anametrix integrates with third-party services through vendor-specific APIs, including e-mail vendors, ad networks, affiliate networks, research services, CRM and marketing automation systems. Data is transferred periodically according to a set schedule based on recommendations from the API provider. Anametrix can connect to any API to integrate data from third-parties into the Anametrix data stores.
  • Batch Data Transfers – Batch data transfers are used for client-specific data such as uploads from internal databases, uploads from Anametrix tools (such as the Microsoft Excel Add-in) or uploads from third-parties. Batch uploads can be done on-demand or set to run on a schedule.
  • Listening – Data that can be classified as publicly available from publishing services, such as Twitter, press releases, stock quotes or weather services, is incorporated into the Anametrix federated database through proactive network spidering. In this data-collection mode, Anametrix will query and search various data sources and download data as needed.

Reference Data

Anametrix provides all clients with reference data including more than 1,300 tables covering various subjects from automotive to biotech and census data. This data gives users more context for understanding relative performance compared with that of similar companies, national sales data or global numbers.

Corporate Data

Corporate data is integrated into Anametrix through any number of the following flexible set of upload methods:

  • Scheduled file integration – This approach works well for files that can be periodically generated, and it is a great alternative to direct database connections.
  • Anametrix API – The Anametrix API is designed for clients that would like to integrate programmatically with the cloud data store through the Anametrix Software Development Kit (SDK). Anametrix has the capability to connect directly to any database and make SQL queries to mirror data into the Anametrix cloud.
  • Microsoft Excel uploads – The data upload capability built into the Anametrix for Microsoft Excel add-in is the most accessible way to upload data into Anametrix for occasional or one-time data uploads.