Designed for both ease of use and flexibility, the Anametrix multichannel marketing analytics platform was built from the ground up to power a wide range of capabilities – from streaming and batch data collection, web and mobile analytics to real-time queries, segmentation and advanced predictive analytics, all delivered through open and flexible visualization options.

Combine and Correlate

Anametrix users can combine and correlate information across a myriad of enterprise data sources and leverage the power of real-time data collection. The output is right-time results returned completely in context with accuracy and relevancy across all access layers and delivery methods.

anametrix multitenant diagram

Designed by Marketers for Marketers

Unlike other business intelligence (BI) or analytics solutions, the Anametrix platform was specifically designed for marketers by an experienced marketing analytics team. It takes into account the unique characteristics of marketing data and usage requirements that you and your marketing team need.

Anametrix provides both the technology platform and the built-in best practice reporting to give decision makers like you a holistic perspective into how customers are engaging with your brand throughout the lifetime of their engagement. We enable your business to identify the best levers to continually optimize your marketing performance to further drive revenue and profitability.

Discover the possibilities.