From Data Scientist to Data Artist | White Paper

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From Data Scientist to Data Artist

Data Sculpting to Shape Business Insights

Analytics luminary Jim Sterne, founder of the Digital Analytics Association, explores the new and compelling role of “data artist” in business. He believes a “data artist must have a firm comprehension of hard science, a sound understanding of business goals and processes, a penchant for creativity, and a talent for communication – a very rare combination.” In this exciting white paper, he explores:

  • The differences between the data scientist and the data artist;
  • The need, value and availability of today’s powerful, flexible analytics tools, which are now affordable;
  • How to move beyond reports to true analytics without requiring a team of technologists, mathematicians and data analysts;
  • How the U-T San Diego, a top-25 news publisher, grew readership and revenue using a powerful analytics platform.

Learn more about data artists and use analytics to gain profound improvements in revenue and profitability in your business.

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