Anametrix Multichannel Marketing Analytics Capabilities


Enabling Data-Driven Business Decisions

Anametrix is the only marketing analytics platform to combine real-time performance feedback with multichannel predictive modeling for comprehensive insights, and powerful decision support. By collecting, analyzing and making sense out of data from virtually any source, Anametrix delivers marketers not just another set of dashboards, but a real decision support solution that actually drives revenues and profitability.

With Anametrix, marketers can:

  • Define common success metrics across channels
  • Consolidate multichannel data collection, analytics, prediction and reporting
  • Discover cross-channel support and cannibalization
  • Identify leading indicators to enable agile, right-time marketing
Visualize, explore and report on all your data sources in a single marketing analytics platform. Create, refresh, upload and schedule reports based on multichannel marketing data using our patent-pending Microsoft Excel add-in. Access the power of Anametrix from any mobile device by interacting with and sharing data from smartphones and tablets.
Explore uncharted territory. Perform ad hoc data discovery queries about known and unknown factors that influence buyer behavior and marketing opportunities. Segment and analyze data in real time to undercover hidden trends and identify leading indicators of marketing effectiveness.
Don’t just predict the future, change it for the better. Run predictive models on unified multichannel datasets to easily forecast likely outcomes of campaigns, promotions and product launches. Conduct what-if analysis to identify best allocation of your marketing mix across paid, owned and social channels – all without having to get your Ph.D in statistics!
Build true cross-team collaboration by sharing data and insights directly within the marketing analytics platform. Overcome the challenges of siloed organizational lines by easily distributing reports, discussing findings and anomalies, and working together with the right people and at the right time across geographical, time zone and departmental barriers.