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Anametrix is the only multichannel marketing analytics solution to combine real-time performance feedback with multichannel predictive modeling for comprehensive insights and powerful decision support. By collecting, analyzing and making sense out of data from virtually any source, Anametrix enables marketers to act on multichannel data to drive revenue and profitability.
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Industry White Paper

From Data Scientist to Data Artist

Download analytics luminary Jim Sterne’s compelling account of how a top-25 news organization changed its culture, increased readership and drove profitability. Learn:

  • The differences between the data scientist and the data artist;
  • The need, value and availability of today’s analytics tools;
  • Moving beyond reports to true analytics without requiring a team of Ph.D.s;
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Anametrix Named SIIA Software CODiE Award Finalist for Best Big Data Solution and Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution

Anametrix has been named a finalist in the 2014 SIIA Software CODiE Awards for both Best Big Data Solution and Best Business Intelligence/ Analytics Solution. The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier award for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for 29 years. The awards have over 75 categories and are organized by industry focus of Content, Education, and Software.


Tag Management: From Tags to Managing Customer Digital Data

Tag management, of course, is about much more than putting a tag on a website. Bottom line, it’s about all that customer data exploding across the growing number of digital channels − social and mobile platforms, websites and email campaigns. More data and more channels mean an accelerating number and type of digital tags.

  • “One thing marketers would love is the capability to take all the data from the various programs currently active and curating them together in a way that smart business decisions can be made. Anametrix does just that through its process and visualization service.”
    Ken Yeung

  • “Anametrix seems to be able to provide the missing pieces of the digital analytics puzzle that have eluded too many companies and threatened them with obsolescence.”
    Marisa Peacock

  • “With the launch of the Excel plug-in, Anametrix customers who rely on the spreadsheet application for reporting reasons, which Thorogood says constitutes about 50 percent of its user base, now have automatic access to multichannel data right within the Excel interface.”
    Kelly Liyakasa

  • “Anametrix’s base offering for digital analytics is an Internet-hosted platform that collects, analyzes and displays data from any source or vendor on any channel.”
    Amy Dusto

  • “The point is, marketing analytics, and especially the cloud based variety, is a growing segment, and one that Anametrix clearly intends to stay relevant in.”
    Anthony Myers

  • “Anametrix can integrate with many existing solutions out of the box. It also has an API and a connector for the R programming language.”
    Klint Finley

  • “Anametrix pulls data from a variety of different sources both online and off-line, including Web analytics, social media, search engine marketing, email marketing, U.S. Census data and outside research.”
    Mike Freeman

  • “The San Diego-based company sells a visualization and analysis tool that pools marketing performance data from the websites, email, online advertising and other channels. Anametrix, founded in 2010, helps marketers analyze all these channels in a single visualization tool.”
    Wall Street Journal