Ready to get real insights from your data?

Automate Your Data Collection

Frustrated with growing silos of data? Anametrix automatically consolidates your multichannel data from any internal and external source and unifies it within our cloud-based data warehouse.

Visualize Data Your Way

Hard time balancing the analytics needs of the entire organization? Extend the power of data driven-decision making to everyone — from executives to marketing analysts. Give them access to the data they need, the way they need it.

  • Anametrix Web App

    • Access from any web browser.
    • Use easy drag & drop placement of data.
    • Visualize data using table, charts & gauges.
    • Export in Excel, CSV, PDF or Image formats.
    • Collaborate with team members.
    • Annotate data to provide context.
    • Share reports, analysis or Q&A by email.
  • Anametrix for Excel

    True bi-directional data exchange with Excel.

    • Create report templates.
    • Download any data to Excel.
    • Upload any data to our UI.
    • Refresh data with a click of a button.
    • Define a schedule to send reports automatically.
  • Anametrix for Tableau

    • Unify all marketing data in the Anametrix cloud-based warehouse.
    • Analyze & visualize data entirely within Tableau.
    • Connect via the cloud or your internal Tableau implementation.
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Apply Advanced Analytics

Ready to predict the future with your data? Forecast future outcomes, uncover new trends and identify hidden correlations with Anametrix multichannel marketing analytics.

Lag Analysis  |  Correlation Discovery  |  Predictive Modeling

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